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What is Full DYE?

Full Dye is one of the sublimation imprinting processes available. Full Dye is the newest form of performance apparel.  The other is Dye Sublimation or Sub-Dye.  Full Dye is a more complex process than Sub Dye.  Full Dye requires a large format printer that prints the design out on special paper used specifically for Sublimation.  Then the image is heat pressed onto the polyester fabric using a “
large format heat press”.  After the image is pressed into the fabric which is in the shape of a pattern of a part of the shirt (ie front and back of shirt, both sleeves and the collar) are cut out and then sewn together which will end in a complete shirt. Also known as the “cut & sew” process.  The one most important benefits of Full Dye is the art/graphics options are endless.  Sub-dye is limited to a specific area the design can be placed and are limited to color options of the garment. Specializing in Men's Fashion and Women's Fashion.

Color Policy:
When choosing colors our software is set up using Pantone Colors.  Each color used has a specific number.  We have samples in our shop of those colors.  However, we will do the best we can to match what art is sent to us with the
Pantone color chart.

Thank You for considering Full Dye Shirts.comto fulfill all your Sublimation needs.  Ordering is very easy. Simply

1.  Choose the Style

of shirt you would like.

 Send Us your ideas for custom designs.

*Custom designs may have a $75.00 art charge.

3. Send a Free Quote request with your ideas  or Call US at 239-288-7366.

4. A digital image will be emailed back along with the price per shirt. Payment can be made over the phone or at our office.

After payment has been made production takes in most cases 7 to 10 business days.

Thank You for you interest.


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